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Uploading to this site

To upload a mod on this website you first need an account. Once you sign in, you will have a option in the navigation bar on top of this site "Upload mod". Just click that and fill out the form.

What you will need

  1. A mod name.
  2. A brief description of your mod.
  3. The version of your mod. You must follow the same pattern as the version of your mod increase. If you have 2 digit and a dot like 1.0, then all your version must follow those 2 number. If you go with 3 like 1.0.0, it should always be 3.
  4. A zip file containing all necessary file for your mod.

There is a hierarchy The file and subfolder location in the zip from parent to child. to follow in the ZIP file you upload in order to pass validation.

The hierarchy should be as follow:
| - yourmain.lua (required)
| - main folder (required)
| - - - icon.png (optional)
| - - - changelog.txt (optional)
| - - - All other files and subfolders in your main folder (optional)

The icon and changelog file are optional. If they are present, icon.png will be used as your mod logo and icon within the website and the MOD Manager. Changelog.txt will be used the same way.

You can also select if your mod is a dependency A dependency is either a library or module required in your mod. or require another mod as dependency by selecting those option.
Last option will ask you if you want to do a clean install This will delete all contents from the installed main folder of your mod. when user install your mod. This is useful when you drastically change the model of your subfolder hierarchy or data saved etc.

Make sure everything is okay before uploading because you cannot modify this options after.

Once uploaded, your mod will appear in your profile Your profile is a section of this site which show your account information and any updated mods.. From there, you can delete it or change the description if you want.

That's about all you have to know on how to upload a mod!

Code of conduct

Once you upload your zip file, an integrity check will be done. The file hierarchy will be checked and content of the zip will also be scanned for any violation of the rules below.

Any user found to be in violation with this rules will have their account revoked.

  • No adult content
  • No violent content
  • No picture of people
  • Even if this website is NOT affiliated with Portalarium or Catnip Games, reserve the rights to ban any violation against the end user license agreement from Shroud of the Avatar.
Use your judgement.