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Welcome to!

Hey everyone and welcome to this new website!

This website is intended to make your life easier when working with mods in Shroud of the Avatar. It will serve as a repository for your mods and will also come with a MOD Manager for players that want to install mods easily. It will also serve as a place to start learning lua and making your first mod, everyone can do it! I made a section for tools players created and if you ever want to have a link here of a tool you made, its possible!

The display of the mods list on the website will also get better no worry, this is kinda just a place holder for now.

Take note that this site is still under heavy development!
There a few things left to do related to dependency and making myself some tools to manage accounts/approve logo to be displayed on page.

If you find any bugs, have questions, need help, you can contact me at or in discord.