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MOD Manager

The MOD Manager is a handy tool that can be installed as a desktop application and is meant to be run first before launching the game.

Within this application, you can install any mods that are shown here directly with a single button click. Not only that, but you can enable or disable the script on the fly, update or uninstall them.

Here is a list of the advantages of using the MOD Manager.

  • Easy install of a mod with all his dependency in a single click.
  • Know when a new update is available for your mod.
  • Enable / Disable mod directly in the MOD Manager.
  • No mods will ever overwrite each other. Using structured hierarchy for all mods and making sure none of the file match another mod.
  • User friendly interface, couldn't be simplier.


Since this is made with Unity, it is cross platform, and has a nice visual that is easy to work with and i decided to use that in case it could eventually be implemented in the launcher itself.

The only problem, is there is a 3 seconds unity splash screen as i'm using the free version.
Gonna have to deal with it for now!

Here is the files to download.

Windows: Windows 64 bits Installer - Zip version (This is the first version ever, expect bugs! Please report anything to me!)

Linux: Tarbal gzip version Didn't find any installer yet for this one, looking for it!

Mac: Zip version Totally unsure about this one, if you are a mac user and find the hierarchy weird or just can't execute it please report it! Also no installer yet for this one!

Note: There will be a warning with untrusted publisher for the window installer one. Probably need the paid version which i don't have, which combine with other installer problems i'm having! ;p