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This website contains utilities used for the game Shroud of the Avatar.

If you have no idea what is Shroud of the Avatar, I can only suggest you to try out the game!

Shroud of the Avatar is a fully featured MMORPG which includes player owned towns, a very advanced housing system, custom dungeon creation, deep crafting system, fishing, a vast player run economy, monsters of various levels, over a hundred combinable artifacts, over 80 skill trees options for a classless system (you can choose what you want to be!), tons of character emotes and more! This game is the perfect place for a role player and adventurer of all types! An incredibly friendly and helpful community that is always happy to help you with about anything you need to know. We even have accessible developers streaming almost every week, you can ask question directly!

And all this entirely free-to-play! What are you waiting for? :)